Edmonton Exchanger: Over 45 years of On-Site Expertise

You can count on us to take care of whatever on-site challenges you have, no matter what the size.  We’ve been working at on-site locations for over 45 years.

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Our on-site services include:

  • Turn-key petrochemical plant and refinery shutdown services
  • Furnace and boiler repair and erection
  • Vessel erection / heavy lifts / general rigging
  • Tray installation for towers and vessels
  • Heat exchanger bundle pulling and pushing. Capacities range from small units, to over 138” diameter in size and over 220,000 pounds in weight.
  • Heat exchanger repair, re-tubing and fabrication
  • Custom tube bending
  • Piping fabrication and repairs
  • Crane and equipment rentals
  • Strip cladding and weld overlay of vessel internals

Specialized Field Services

State-Of-The-Art Controlled Bolting

We use state-of-the-art bolt torquing and tensioning equipment. Equipment is available to provide bolt torquing up to a 6-1/8 ” nut size and bolt tensioning up to a 4.5″ stud size.

Flange Facing Equipment

Our flange facing equipment enables us to machine material from 0″ I.D. to over 200″ O.D.

Cold Cutting from 0″ to 86″

We are able to cut and custom bevel pipe from 0″- 86″ in diameter using our cold cutting equipment.

Convection Tube Pulling

Edmonton Exchanger’s Convection Tube Puller was custom designed and fabricated in-house, and is used on-site for heater convection tube pulling and pushing applications. It measures 75 feet in length and features a 70 foot pulling length, a 60,000 pound pulling force and a 30,000 pound pushing force. It has the capacity to handle return bend tubes up to 12” in diameter in any orientation ranging from flat to fully vertical.

The Convection Tube Puller’s “C-style” cradle allows for forklift loading and unloading without disconnect from a crane. It is operated via remote control and can be self-balanced in two directions. This is a significant advancement over the traditional method from a safety perspective.

Specialized Welding: Over 1,000 Certified Weld Procedures

We offer over 1,000 certified welding procedures for the welding of numerous materials. Weld procedures include:

  • All types of Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Moly Alloys
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy
  • Incoloy(s)
  • Inconel(s)
  • Monel(s)
  • Copper Nickels
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Multiple Bi-metallic Procedures

High Temperature Casts:

  • HK-40
  • HP-40
  • Paralloy
  • Kubota

We have the capability of quickly obtaining and implementing a specific weld procedure in the event that it is not immediately available.