Proven Precision: Edmonton Exchanger Machining Services

At Edmonton Exchanger, we offer a diverse range of machining capabilities and specialize in large-scale and tube sheet drilling applications.

Large-scale Machining = Large Selection of Services

Tackle your project with the right machining solution. Edmonton Exchanger’s Large-scale Machining facility is located in close proximity to our main plant and offers a wide variety of machining services. It was specially designed to handle large diameter components and boasts equipment that is some of the largest of its kind.

General machining equipment consists of a lathe and a drill press. Three vertical boring mills of various sizes are available, as well as a large-scale horizontal boring mill.

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An Uplifting Experience: Our 50-ton Overhead Crane

Does your project involve big pieces of material? No worries, we take care of the heavy lifting. To support our large-scale milling equipment, a 50-ton overhead crane spans the entire length of the machining facility and thus enables transport of large components throughout the shop.

Vertical Boring Mills for Turning, Facing, Boring

Three machines are available for turning, facing, and boring.  Our smallest boring mill handles material up to 68″ diameter x 5′-0″ high (1,727 mm x 1,524 mm). A larger machine will handle material up to 13′-0″ diameter x 10′-0″ high (3,962 mm x 3,048 mm). Our largest vertical boring mill also has drilling and slotting capabilities. It can handle material up to 24′-0″ diameter x 10′-0″ high (7,315 mm x 3,048 mm), and a weight of 50 tons.

Horizontal Boring Mill for Facing, Slotting, Boring, Drilling, Tapping

The horizontal mill has a travel of 156″ vertical and 360″ horizontal (3,962 mm V x 9,144 mm H). Its applications include facing, slotting, boring, drilling, and tapping.

General Machining

  • Lathe: 32″ x 108″
  • Drill Press: 72″ (1,829 mm)