Your One-­Stop Head Forming and Shell Rolling Headquarters

No matter what your pressure vessel component requirements are, Edmonton Exchanger has your solution. The fact is, our experienced professionals have the most extensive one-stop head forming and shell rolling capabilities in North America. So whatever your challenge, Edmonton Exchanger can tackle it.

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Access One of the World’s Largest SA 516-70 N Steel Plate Inventories

Another advantage of working with Edmonton Exchanger is our vast selection of steel plate. We have one of the largest inventories of SA 516-70 N steel plate in the world, so your pressure vessel job won’t lose valuable time with a searching-for-materials phase added to it.

The Steel Forming Capacities to Handle Your Next Project

Does your project have some unique size challenges? No problem. We specialize in the manufacturing of large-scale pressure vessel components, and feature some of the largest steel forming capacities available.

Steel Plate Forming Capabilities

Pressure Vessel HeadsPressure Vessel Shells
Up to 8” in thicknessUp to 12" in thickness
Up to 28’-6” in diameterUp to 144” in width

We offer the most extensive one-stop head forming and shell rolling capabilities in North America…

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Head Forming Types for Pressure Vessels and Tanks

  • Semi-Elliptical 2:1
  • Hemispherical
  • Torispherical Flanged and Dished
  • Flanged Only and Dished Only

Steel Plate Rolling Icon

Steel Plate Rolling

  • Shells for Pressure Vessels and Tanks
  • Eccentric and Concentric Cones
  • Rolled Repads
  • Rolled Rings for machining applications
  • Custom Rolling

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Profile Cutting For Most Patterns and Shapes

Available for almost any pattern or shape imaginable from plate up to 17’-0” x 40’-0” in size (5,182 mm x 12,192 mm).