Meet the Monster: Steel Plate Rolling up to 12″ Thick

Have some monstrous plate-rolling needs? Our beast can tame them! The Davi “Monster Rolls” machine can hot roll plate up to 12″ thick. It’s not only the largest steel plate rolling machine at Edmonton Exchanger, it is one of the largest of its kind in North America. This mighty monster is supported by a 100 ton overhead crane which spans the length of the shop. Learn more by downloading the Heavy Steel Plate Rolling PDF.

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Five Sets of Plate Rolls = Shells, Rolled Rings, Cones, Repads

With our selection of five sets of plate rolls, we can provide you with plate rolled into shells, rolled rings, cones (both eccentric and concentric), or repads. These components can be rolled from our own plate inventory or from material that you supply.

Dimensional Rolling Capacities

  • Minimum Diameter: 16” (406 mm) I.D.
  • Maximum Thickness: cold rolled 8” (203.20 mm), hot rolled 12” (304.80 mm)
  • Maximum Length: 144” (3,658 mm)

Shells Rolled to ASME Specifications

Shells are rolled to ASME code specifications and rolled to our own head strappings.

Square Cut, Beveled Circumferential and Long Seam Shells

We can supply you with square cut or beveled circumferential and long seam shells. Long seams can be provided tack welded or fully welded. We can also provide welded circumferential seams by welding together multiple courses.

Mill Test Certificates/Furnace Heat Charts

Components rolled from our plate inventory are accompanied with Mill Test Certificates. In the case of hot rolled items, Furnace Heat Charts can be provided upon request.


Pressure Vessel Plate Rolling Size Chart

7/8"X18" O.D.X10'-0"
1-1/4"X18" O.D.X4′-0″
1/2″X20" O.D.X12′-0″
1″X20" O.D.X10′-0″
2"X20" O.D.X3′-0″
2-3/4"X24" O.D.X10′-0″
3"X24" O.D.X 6′-0″
3/4"X30" O.D.X12'-0"
4"X30" I.D.X10′-0″
4-1/2″X 30″ I.D.X5′-0″
6-1/8″X 48″ I.D.X12′-0″
7″X 60″ I.D.X12′-0″
9″X 72″ I.D.X12′-0″
10″X 84″ I.D.X10′-0″
12″X90″ I.D.X7′-0″

This chart illustrates variables for guideline purposes only.
As diameters increase, lengths can increase up to 12’-0”.

Concentric Cones: One Piece, One Seam

Concentric cones can be rolled up to a thickness of 4” (101.60 mm) and a length of 10’-0” (3,048 mm). Diameters can be from 24” (610 mm) O.D. to 168” (4,267 mm) O.D. They are rolled in one piece with only one long seam when plate layout allows it. We can provide you with cones that are square cut or beveled with long seams tack welded or fully welded.

Eccentric Cones

Eccentric cones can be rolled up to a thickness of 1” (25.40 mm) and a height of 48” (1,219 mm). They are rolled in one piece with only one long seam when plate allows for it. Eccentric Cones are supplied with long seams tack welded or fully welded.

Nondestructive Examination/Inspection Forms

Fully welded shells and cones come complete with necessary nondestructive examination and the applicable inspection forms.

Edmonton Exchanger Machining Services:
A Well-oiled Machine

Have some machining requirements as well? Perfect! At Edmonton Exchanger, we offer a diverse range of machining capabilities and specialize in large-scale and tube sheet drilling applications. General machining equipment consists of a lathe and a drill press. Three vertical boring mills of various sizes are available, as well as a large-scale horizontal boring mill.  And you can leave all the heavy lifting to us as well: Edmonton Exchanger has a 50-ton overhead crane. Learn more at our Machining section.