Edmonton Exchanger Develops New Technologies for Heat Exchangers Project

To successfully complete a recent heat exchangers fabrication project for a client, Edmonton Exchanger developed a new drilling technology for Hastelloy C2000 materials, as well as a new variable speed tube rolling technology for Hastelloy C2000 tubes.

The tubesheets in the heat exchangers measured 65.43” O.D. and 61.57” O.D., and were made out of 5.7” SA 516-70N material which was weld overlaid with C2000 equivalent materials on both faces of each tubesheet. The floating head dishes were formed using explosion bond clad material. All of the gasket faces and flange I.D.s for the exchangers were also weld overlaid. Each exchanger housed (1,470) tubes measuring 1” in diameter x 14 BWG bundle.

All of the drilling, welding, machining, fabrication and weld overlay work was performed in-house by Edmonton Exchanger.